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How to Download Instagram Reels?

  • Open Instagram, Choose the reels which you want to download or save.
  • At the bottom, click on the three dots icon.
  • Now a Popup opens, click on the Copy Link option.
  • Paste that Insta reels URL link in xyz Search Box.
  • Then click on Start Button to convert Instagram Reels to MP4 Video.
  • Now Click on Download Button to save Instagram Reels to your device.

Instagram reels are a relatively recent trend, but one that is quickly gaining popularity among influencers and brands. Reels, like the name suggests, are very similar to a reel of film and video and/or images that play in a continuous loop. They often feature a range of clips and images that showcase a person’s talents and skills. The ability to create reels on Instagram has added a new dynamic to the influencer world, enabling individuals to showcase their talents and skills, while also helping brands to stand out from the crowd.

Instagram reels video download online has become an essential part of the Instagram user experience, and it's one that many Instagram users are enjoying right now. If you haven't explored this feature yet, you should check it out. However, downloading Instagram reels can be confusing if you don't know how to do it. This guide will explain everything about downloading Instagram reels, including what to expect from the process and how to download them when you are ready to take action.

What are Instagram reels?

Instagram reels are a new feature added on October 22, 2017. They're being released in phases, and they aren't available globally at the time of writing. You can use your Instagram reels to show off several of your photos/videos as an alternative to posting multiple photos or videos one after another. If you have 20 images or videos you want people to see but don't want them all cluttering up your feed, it might be a good idea to use Instagram reels.

Instagram reels are videos you can use on your profile or indirect messages with your friends. You can only download them when you're online, but they're pretty simple to get. First, go to Instagram and find a video you want. Tap View Profile, then hit Instagram Reels at the top of your screen (under where it says username) and copy the reel video URL and paste it into our tool and click on download, then you get the video on your device.

Key Features of Instagram Reels Download

The simplicity of using Instagram reels download is quite impressive. Many websites offer solutions for downloading Instagram videos, but none are as simple as our tool. The process of installing and using Instagram reels download online is very easy. You can start it within two minutes after entering its website. Enter our tool and paste the URL and wait till it works with your Instagram reel. That's all! Also, you can use our Instagram video tool to download videos easily and you can save your downloaded video on a computer hard drive instead of saving it on your mobile phone or tablet and also on a PC.

How do I find Instagram reels to watch?

It's no secret that Instagram is a visual platform. It's also a prevalent one. There are over 800 million monthly active users on Instagram. These users engage with each other and companies by uploading and viewing photos, videos, and stories every single day. That kind of engagement means plenty of content for you to watch whenever you want. But what if you don't want to browse through your timeline or search hashtags? What if you're going to view something specific? Well, that's when it can be helpful to download Instagram reels as videos or GIFs. Here's how! How do I download Instagram reels as video files? Instagram gives you options to save various types of media you find throughout its app. Saving photos is easy. For example, follow these steps: Click on a photo Choose whether you want to make it public or private Right click Save image How do I download Instagram reels (videos) via desktop computer? To save a video from your desktop computer (Mac or PC), first, open up Chrome and navigate to Instagram's website.

How do I record Instagram Reels Video?

You can download Instagram reels video by recording your screen while watching a video on Instagram and exporting that recording as a video file. Make sure you're using an Android or iOS device to get started. 

Then, follow these steps: 

  • Open up your Instagram app and browse for a reel’s video to watch. 
  • Tap on it when you've found the one you want to watch and tap on Fullscreen to enter full-screen mode. 
  • Go back out of full-screen mode so you can see your notifications bar at the top of your screen. 
  • It will be located directly below where you open your Instagram app (this is not visible if you are in full-screen mode). 
  • Swipe down from here to reveal a Quick Settings panel that contains options like Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and more. 
  • Scroll over until you find Record Screen and select it (it's towards the bottom). 
  • Toggle Record Screen On. 

Your phone should now start recording whatever is on your screen in our case, we want it to record our Instagram reels video!

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